Oxygen KDE 4.0 beta3 for Firefox! , 15 August 2013

Oxygen KDE for Firefox is a highly customizable add-on/theme (cross-platform) mainly created to be used in the KDE platform .The addon is currently translated in 22 languages. The main goal of the theme is to keep integration as close to perfect as possible imitating the elegant Oxygen style , the default style theme of KDE. However, the theme offers a nice configuration window allowing you to change many additional details of the browser for a unique and more personalized experience. Feel free to contact us for any problem or suggestion related to the project by email or you can leave a comment below. Comments are gratefully received and all comments will be taken into consideration.

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Oxygen KDE for Thunderbird needs your help! , 16 November 2011

Oxygen KDE is totally free and offers high quality themes/add-ons that require a lot of work and time. On the other hand, as the whole project is just a hobby we need your support!

- Donations: Due to our high user numbers Oxygen KDE is now a significant project for us, but we rarely receive donations. Even though our user numbers have doubled in the last weeks- our donations have not. We receive many thank you messages (we are really pleased reading them) but as you know a project started as a free-time hobby cannot be supported only by thank you messages. If you really want to help us speed up development of the whole project , and especially the upcoming Thunderbird version of Oxygen KDE or simply you appreciate the work done so far then consider a donation, be sure it will help to keep alive the project.

With your help, Oxygen KDE will live a long and healthy open source life. Thank you!

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Oxygen KDE for Firefox

A complete add-on/theme bringing the Oxygen style for Firefox. Consistent and coherent integration with KDE!

  • Automatic color scheme detection (KDE)
  • XUL widgets styled using only CSS
  • Highly customizable
  • The highest rated content in kde-look.org
  • 210.000+ downloads and counting

Oxygen KDE for Thunderbird

This project is a work in progress. Soon , the first stable version will be released in public. The goal of this project is to achieve the quality of Oxygen KDE for Firefox.

  • Automatic color scheme detection (KDE)
  • XUL widgets styled using only CSS
  • Highly customizable

Oxygen KDE for Amsn

A simple but clean and effective skin to integrate better Amsn in KDE , an open source cross-platform alternative to Windows Live Messenger.

  • One of the best skins for Amsn (poll)
  • Included in the official package of Amsn
  • New color versions coming soon